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Woodland's portable buildings are used for storage, workshops, offices, garages, security huts, garden sheds, hunting or fishing cabins, and even for retail concessions. Any application requiring a sturdy, low cost, portable building may be a candidate for one of our products. Custom finishes, roofing, and numerous options allow Woodland's buildings to be easily tailored to specific tastes, sites, and special requirements. The Quality page explains our materials and processes.


Our A-Frame (straight wall) buildings are very popular. Their design efficiently accommodates many purposes, and they are a natural "fit" in so many settings. See Options for ways to tailor your building for your specific needs and tastes. 

A-Frame 12 X 16 Painted

Woodland's Standard A-Frame Building Sizes

8' Wide

10' Wide

12' Wide *

8 x 8 (64 Sq. Ft.)

10 x 12 (120 Sq. Ft.)

* 12 x 16 (176 Sq. Ft.)

8 x 10 (80 Sq. Ft.)

10 x 16 (160 Sq. Ft.)

* 12 x 20 (220 Sq. Ft.)

8 x 12 (96 Sq. Ft.)

10 x 20 (200 Sq. Ft.)

* 12 x 24 (264 Sq. Ft.)

8 x 16 (128 Sq. Ft.)


* 12 x 28 (308 Sq. Ft.)



* All 12' widths represent
  overall dimensions.

A-Frame 12 X 16 Vinyl Siding

T-111 Stained 8 X 10

T-111 Grey Stained 12 X 16


Our relatively new, lofted buildings are becoming increasingly popular for their loft storage area. These allow storage in the loft, and the "downstairs" can be used for other purposes, or even more storage. NOTE: Some of Woodland's non-lofted buildings can still be built with a gambrel (barn style) roof, on special order.

T-111 Stained Lofted 10 X 16
The loft provides added storage.

T-111 Grey Stained Lofted 10 X 16


Woodland can provide aluminum clad buildings for sites and circumstances that requre a value priced, weather tight, low maintenance portable building solution. These buildings feature wood framing and custom treated floor systems with aluminum roofs and siding. Woodland is a full service dealer for these products.

Aluminum Clad

Aluminum Clad

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