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Woodland's buildings can be tailored to your needs and tastes by a generous array of solid value Options. Many options, however, are yours to choose at no extra cost. For example, Woodland has stock paint and roofing choices that may be special ordered if not available in a finished, stock building. Within safe construction limitations, door and window locations may also be modified at no extra charge. Your sales representative or dealer can advise and assist you with your options choices, including what might be done to accommodate special paint and roofing desires.
If you have a site that simply can't accommodate delivery of a portable building because of obstacles or terrain limitations, or if you really need a building in a size that isn't really portable (per our permits), you may be a candidate for our "Build on Site" option. Your sales representative or dealer can explain this option in greater detail.

Option Descriptions and Notes CLICK ON AN IMAGE
WINDOWS: Shown is the standard window. 8 x 16, 10 x 16, and 12 x 16 buildings offer a choice of either either two windows, OR one window and one set of window shutters. 8 x 16 through 12 x 30 include two windows, and a price deduction will apply if the windows are eliminated from these sizes. Windows are offered as an option in sizes that do not include windows, and extra windows may be added to other sizes.
WINDOW SHUTTERS: Shutters offer a low cost appearance enhancement that may be appropriate in many settings.
EXTRA 5' DOUBLE DOOR: This door is standard on all Woodland portable buildings. Some customers have applications or situations that make a second such door very useful or desirable.
8' RIDGE VENT: This option is available for customers who need additional ventilation. IMAGE NOT CURRENTLY
30" UTILITY DOOR: This single door is similar in construction to our 5' double door. It is often ordered by those desiring an additional door in one of our larger buildings, and those ordering the optional garage door. IMAGE NOT CURRENTLY
SHELVING: Woodland's sturdy, optional shelving is a cost effective way to enhance and organize your building's storage capability. Priced by the foot, our shelving can even be added to "stock" buildings with little or no delay in delivery scheduling.
5' x 5' RAMP: A ramp is a must for lawn mowers and such. Our ramp is built using pressure treated lumber, and installation is included in the price. Woodland's experienced delivery crew does the final fit, assembly, and installation, after your building is situated and leveled. If your site and application requires a longer ramp, additional length can be added for a modest, "per foot" charge.
36" "HOUSE" DOOR (Includes 7'6" siding): This is a standard, framed, exterior metal door, equipped with a standard, keyed lock set. Because of the additional standard door height, the siding is increased from the standard, portable building siding height of 7 feet to 7'6". While an image isn't currently available, the garage door option does show an indirect view of the house door. This option replaces the standard double door. IMAGE NOT CURRENTLY
GARAGE DOOR (Includes 7'6" siding): Whether for boats, vehicles, larger equipment, or large projects, a garage door is the perfect solution. To insure a safe, trouble free installation, Woodland does the door framing, but leaves the installation to the garage door vendor. This option replaces the standard double door.

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