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In Woodland Buildings products, the quality is "built in" from the ground up:

  • FLOOR SYSTEMS: Pressure treated 4X6 foundation runners, pressure treated 2X6 joists and binders, and 3/4" plywood tongue and groove flooring.

  • WALLS: 2X4 framing spaced on 24 inch centers (maximum). The exteriors are pressure treated (T-111) siding, or vinyl siding over exterior OSB backing.

  • ROOF: 2X4 braced rafters with 1/2" OSB decking. High quality roofing shingles are covered by a 20 year manufacturer's warranty.

  • TRIM: Pressure treated pine for years of service, and low maintenance.

  • CAULK: Siliconized Acrylic Latex.

  • FINISH:  Professional products, rolled and sprayed with stock or optional colors.

  • DOORS: Standard 5' Double Doors with sturdy framing for years of sturdy, secure, sag free performance. Optional, specialty doors are selected for "best-in-class" performance, and are installed to industry standards

  • Quality Delivery and Setup are as important as construction and finish:

  • Woodland's portable buildings and gazeboes are delivered by experienced crews using specialty trucks and trailers.

  • Set-up and leveling are included in delivery with all necessary concrete blocks and pressure treated shims furnished at no extra charge.

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